Live for
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Love for
a lifetime.

Bringing a child into the world is a joy. And even though we would do anything to keep our kids safe and happy — things don’t always go as planned.

A story that starts with our superman

Eight weeks after our son Hunter was born, doctors told us he would not live to see his first birthday.

The doctors could never clearly diagnose the cause of Hunter’s illness. He spent the final three years of his life with the Palliative Care team from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

As unexpected and challenging as this news was, Hunter’s resilience defied the odds: our boy lived and loved life until he was nearly 12-years-old thanks, in large part, to our amazing paediatric palliative care provider.

Like many parents of children living with life-limiting conditions, the time finally came for us to say goodbye. It broke our hearts, and though we miss him every day, we’re using our experience to help families in similar situations live for the moment and love for a lifetime.

Three years after Hunter passed away, HAS Foundation was born.

Using our experience to help other families

Named after our beautiful boy Hunter Alfred Stratton, the HAS Foundation helps children with life-limiting illnesses and their families live for the moment and love for a lifetime.

We help them create moments of fun and laughter—moments that turn into beautiful, lifelong memories of a love that will never fade. Whether it’s paying for a photographer to take precious family photos, buying the paediatric palliative care team quality linen so they can make sick kids more comfortable, or preparing care packs for families admitted to palliative care; everything we do is designed to make their life somewhat easier, at the hardest of times.

The happiness we create inspires us to try harder every day. We treat children and their families with respect and dignity—unconditionally—because every sick child deserves a chance to laugh and feel loved.

And when the unthinkable happens and hearts are forever broken, we’ll be there to help families find their way in a new world without their precious child.

And finally, we never give in, something we learned watching Hunter face each day with the courage and bravery of Superman. Our organisation will never stop fighting for the children and families that we support—we’ll give them our all, every day, for as long as they need us.

Let’s create a world where paediatric palliative care is well funded and every family gets the chance to live for the moment and love for a lifetime.

For families living with children in palliative care, time is precious. Nobody understands quite like those going through the same experience. That’s why we’re building an online community where different families can connect and share love and support. We can not cure, change or take away the path before them, but we can show care and support, make their journey more gentle, and provide experiences or programs to create memories for a lifetime.

This is the mission of the HAS Foundation. To create a world where paediatric palliative care is well funded and supported, and every family with a life-limiting illness gets the chance to live for the moment and love for a lifetime.

We launched HAS as a way to keep Hunter’s memory alive for generations and to spread his energy of love and kindness.

HAS Philosophy

The HAS Foundation philosophy is to act in the same way as Hunter lived his life:

  • Humility

    Humble beginning’s and wisdom.

  • Unconditional

    Every child deserves unconditional love, care, support and growth.

  • Never give up

    HAS foundation will never give in supporting families in need.

  • Together

    We stand together with families giving understanding and support.

  • Eternal love

    Every family and child in need has the right to eternal love to give them hope and strength.

  • Respect

    We will show and treat every child, parent, sibling and carer with respect.


Meet your team behind HAS

At HAS Foundation, we support the families of children living with life-limiting conditions.

For these families, time is precious. And that’s why we help them make the most of every moment.

We stand with them.


Hunter’s mum and the co-founder and director of the HAS Foundation.


Hunter’s dad, co-founder of the HAS Foundation and company director.


Film director, best-selling author and keynote speaker

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Our Impact
As anyone who has cared for a child with a life-limiting illness knows, it’s the little things that count.


at our Mother’s Day Luncheons, helping families access support and experiences.

We create & deliver

care packs

each year for Paediatric
Palliative care families
when first referred,
plus courier to regional families.

We donated


to help the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation create bespoke memory making moments for palliative care families staying at the Laklinyeri beach house.

The little

Helped the paediatric palliative care nurses buy the little things that make a family’s time in care more comfortable like quality linen and calming aromatherapy diffusers.



to families to create positive lifelong memories for those families.

Held our

Walk with a pal

accessible community walk giving people an opportunity to reflect while raising awareness and funds for paediatric palliative care.

Helped part fund a


in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Ella Stratton

We launched HAS as a way to honour Hunter, keep his memory alive for generations and to spread his energy of love and kindness.

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