Live for the moment.
Love for a lifetime.

Live for the moment.
Love for a lifetime.

At HAS Foundation, we support the families of children living with life-limiting conditions.

For these families, time is precious. And that’s why we help them make the most of every moment.

We stand with them. Supporting them and creating moments of fun and laughter in the midst of their troubles.

These are moments that help to create beautiful, lifelong memories of a love that will never fade.

The Stratton family story.

Ella and Jarrod are one of our family partners in the WCH Foundation Beach House project.

Three years ago, they lost their beautiful boy, Hunter, at age 12. After a normal pregnancy and delivery, and at just eight weeks old, Hunter had his first seizure. The doctors were never able to clearly diagnose the cause of Hunter’s illness.

He spent the final three years of his life with the Palliative Care team at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Admitting Hunter needed palliative care was one of the toughest decisions Ella and Jarrod had to make, but once they started it was an enormous relief. Ella describes it feeling as if a “weight was lifted off our shoulders.”

Ella and Jarrod talk with passion about why the WCH Foundation House project is so important to them, their family and the community.

“Our most treasured memories were away as a family, creating special moments. While it can seem difficult to get away, it’s vitally important to look back on. These memories are precious – they’re the fun, good times – not the stress and heartache of hospital visits and doctor’s appointments. To be part of building the beach house for families in the same heartbreaking situation we found ourselves in, is important to us.

We were fortunate enough to have time away as a family, and to realise how vital this was for us, as Hunter’s parents, brothers and extended family. We want all families with children who have a shortened time here to also have that opportunity to pack the essentials, go, relax, have fun and enjoy precious time together – creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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