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Bringing a child into the world is a joy. And even though we would do anything to keep our kids safe and happy — things don’t always go as planned.

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Supporting our programs is the best way to directly and immediately impact the lives of families in need.

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HAS Philosophy

The HAS Foundation philosophy is to act in the same way as Hunter lived his life:


Humble beginning’s and wisdom.


Every child deserves unconditional love, care, support and growth.

Never give up

HAS foundation will never give in supporting families in need.


We stand together with families giving understanding and support.

Eternal love

Every family and child in need has the right to eternal love to give them hope and strength.


We will show and treat every child, parent, sibling and carer with respect.

We launched HAS as a way to keep Hunter’s memory alive for generations and to spread his energy of love and kindness.

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